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Are We There Yet?

  • Location Main Gallery
  • Exhibit Dates April 2024 – March 2025
  • # of Vehicles 13

Seeing America from the Family Station Wagon

If you’ve traveled very far on a group or family road trip, the phrase, “ARE WE THERE YET?”, will certainly spark some cherished memories from days past.

The all-new exhibit at the Gilmore Car Museum—North America’s Largest Auto Museum— entitled ARE WE THERE YET? Seeing America from the Family Station Wagon is a salute to the time-honored family vacation.

The exhibition, which runs through March 2025, showcases those family station wagons that helped uncover everything from nature’s wonders to roadside attractions while we were reaching our destination. This nostalgic exhibit features 13 vehicles that are sure to invoke thoughts of the wild, wacky, hilarious and heartwarming as we travel down memory lane.

As guests enter the exhibit, they will be greeted by Clark Griswold’s automobile of choice—The Family Truckster—from the 1983 hit comedy National Lampoon’s Vacation.

From there you’ll see everything from the woody wagons of the 1940s, the luxury estate wagons of the 1950s and the Di-Noc faux wood grained full-size wagons of the 1980s.

Families will share stories of sitting in the far backseat facing oncoming traffic or staying in a roadside tourist camp with names like You-Need-A-Rest, or perhaps sleeping in a car’s rooftop Camp’otel.

The exhibit “ARE WE THERE YET?” is certain to invoke cherished memories or your family even make a few new ones!


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