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A Century of Motorcycles

  • Location Motorcycle Gallery
  • Exhibit Dates April - November

Two wheels is all you need.

While we are the Gilmore Car Museum, the collection boasts more than cars! The museum’s Motorcycle Gallery features rare examples of bikes from the past, including a 1947 Indian Chief, a rare 1910 Cleveland, and the 1952 Triumph Trophy TR5 ridden by the famous Fonz on the 1970s sitcom, Happy Days.

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1952 Triumph TR5 Trophy

This is one of the actual motorcycles ridden by “The Fonz,” portrayed by actor Henry Winkler, on the long-running TV sitcom Happy Days. Early in the series, the production crew switched from Harleys to the much lighter Triumph due to Winkler’s lack of riding skills. Apparently that was a necessary decision, as Fonzie crashed several times during filming - as evidenced by the dent in the fuel tank!

Fonzie bike

1971 Honda "Banshee" Concept Bike

Bill Mitchell, head of Design at General Motors, designed the Pontiac Firebird Banshee concept car for the 1974 circuit of auto shows. Accompanying the GM displays was this radically redesigned Honda CB500 motorcycle painted to match the Pontiac Banshee and featuring custom fiberglass bodywork. Mitchell also had GM Chief Interior Designer George Moon create a custom driving suit, complete with matching red leathers, boots and helmet.

Ariel motorcycle

1956 NSU Spezial Max

NSU stands for Neckarsulm Strickmashinen Union, a German company originally manufacturing knitting machines and bicycles in the late 1800’s. The NSU Max was originally introduced in 1952 with a number of innovative design features. The pressed steel frame, leading link forks, overhead cam engine, valanced fenders and enclosed drive chain later to be used on the infamous Honda Road Dream motorcycles. Early in the 20th Century motorcycles became NSU’s sole product.

NSU tank


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