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November 12, 2019

There’s a Touch of Tomorrow in That Car!

The Gilmore Car Museum has opened an all -new special exhibit on an innovative, let little known car company -- The Cole Motor Car Company from Indianapolis, IN.

Cole Motor Car Company: From High Wheeler to the Classic Era

These high quality and technically advanced luxury motor cars were built from 1909 – 1925 yet introduced many firsts in the auto industry.

Guest Curator Kevin Fleck of Cole Motor Car Registry, points out the company lived up to its slogan of There’s a touch of tomorrow in all that Cole does today.”

"This period was a time of rapid advancement and change" he explained, "and the Cole exhibit is a rare opportunity to explore these innovation through the lens of one automotive company."

The exhibit will feature the oldest known Cole in existence - a 1909 Cole High Wheeler, the exceptionally rare 1923 Experimental Coupe that tested the first balloon tires with Firestone, and the last surviving Cole that was Mrs. Cole’s personal 1925 chauffeur driven auto.

Several other cars, artifacts, photos and and rare company documents will help tell the full story of the Cole company and its impact on early automotive innovation.

This special exhibit will be open from June to November 2019.