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Photography Policy

General Rules

  • Still photography, filming and digital imaging of the museum’s structures and collection are permitted for private, non-commercial use and relevant press only. Any commercial use of imaging is strictly prohibited without the express written permission of the Executive Director of the Gilmore Car Museum.

  • The safety of museum visitors is of the utmost importance. Film, video and still photography for commercial and non-commercial use will not be permitted if it disrupts or interferes with visitors use and enjoyment of the museum’s facilities.

  • All safety guidelines must be adhered to and no climbing, entering or touching of vehicles and structures.

  • Flash photography is permitted unless posted.

  • No power or electrical hookups will be provided by the museum unless otherwise authorized.

  • The museum reserves the right to refuse permission for commercial or non-commercial film, video and still photography that is determined to not be in the best interests of the museum.

  • If personal photos or film footage taken at the museum are to be sold to an outside source or are to be printed for use in a publication or commercially online, museum approval must be given and an agreement stating the intended use must be signed prior to the sale or publication date.

Press Inquiries

The museum asks that members of the press interested in the museum contact the museum prior to their arrival. Please try to schedule press visits at least one business day in advance to ensure the museum can accommodate your request.

To discuss your project, plan, or for additional information and inquiries concerning general, commercial, special photography, and licensing agreements contact the marketing department, at or by calling 269-671-5089.

Personal Use Photography

Personal and amateur photography is permitted at Gilmore Car Museum with paid admission. This includes cell phones, handheld cameras and video cameras. Those photos may be used on personal social media pages, blogs or any other personal media. The images may not be sold, loaned, leased or used for any commercial or promotional purpose.

Wedding and Graduation/Portrait Photography

Outdoor wedding photo shoots on the museum grounds for wedding parties that have rented Gilmore Car Museum facilities for their reception are complimentary. Other portraits such as engagement pictures, family pictures, wedding pictures, and graduation pictures require paid admission into the museum. All involved parties (student, parents, photographer, etc.) will be charged general admission. Individuals or groups using Gilmore Car Museum facilities and grounds for photo shoots without prior authorization will be asked to leave the museum premises.